BLUSHING BEAUTIES is a makeup studio that focuses on hair and makeup for special occasions. We aim to offer a service that is of a very high quality, service that stands out from the rest of the companies in the industry. Our uniqueness is based on our quality, being client focused and meeting the needs of every client that comes to us. We also consult the client more that once so that they get exactly what they need.

When our clients come to us we aim to make them as comfortable as possible so that they are free to articulate what their exact needs are.

One of our major offerings for brides is traveling to their premises and doing their hair and make up in the comfort of their homes.

BLUSHING BEAUTIES also offers special makeup and hair courses.

  • To be unique in the industry by having the best service and quality.
  • To meet the clients exact needs and expectations.
  • To train and develop future make up artists so that they are able to offer the highest service possible.
  • To be the go to company for bridal hair and make up.
Owner, Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist
065 943 4333